The classic area of Cannonau

Dorgali (NU) Sardegna
The valley
amongst the
Oddoene chidera

We are in the valley of Oddoene.
In the heat of summer, light breaths of wind transport the scents of the Mediterranean macchia - scorched by the Sardinian sun - towards the vineyard, whilst the sandy soil crackles beneath our feet.

Not too far in the distance, the flow of the stream tells the story of winter floods in ancient times which, over the millennia, have brought sediment and soil with them, then transformed into the soft, sandy hills of the Chidera vineyards. We are in a small oasis, a strip of sweetness moulded by man’s toil and nestled amidst the harsh limestone of the Supramonte.

The Sun
and the Moon
Oddoene chidera

The white of the mountain, which runs like an insurmountable curtain to mark the confines of the valley, reflects that Mediterranean sun on the vineyard, providing it with all the vital energy which will be transmitted to our bunches of grapes.

When night falls in the valley of Oddoene, it is like going through that mirror, and under the moonlight, you can feel a chill even in August, with a temperature of around 15°C. In the night frost, the leaves take on a silverish gleam, the grapes shake, and a silence reigns which almost lets us hear the vines breathing. A high thermal inversion blesses our grapes, giving them those aromatic characteristics which distinguish a wine produced in Oddoene from that of other locations, even those nearby.

Beyond the borders of time
and the Mediterranean...
Oddoene chidera

When talking about the terroir in a land so rich in history, it would be unfair to limit ourselves to a cold technical analysis of the soils and the climatic characteristics. The terroir is a complex mixture of territory, landscape, expertise, history, culture...

The story that we wished to tell with the symbol of Chidera, that bull’s protome so adored by the ancient nuraghes millennia ago: a symbol representative of the Mediterranean, of a vital force, of transcendence, of contact between people, in Sardinia as in Knossos, when wine was the lifeline that fed trade and exchanges of knowledge, passions and faiths. 

The terroir
as an experience...
Oddoene chidera

Today, just as yesterday, we believe that one of the things that contributes to the terroir is the way in which the wine, the end product, is consumed.

By selling it across borders, perhaps in China or the United States, we bring the pride and ambition of wanting to pass on a lifestyle, an ancient expertise, a complicity and a warmth that transcend the boundaries of man and nature and tell the story of Sardinia and this valley to anyone in the world who is lucky enough to be able to enjoy our Chidera.