Chidera Cannonau di Sardegna


Cannonau DOC

Welcome to Cantine Chidera
For years, we have been growing grapes in Sardinia
in the Classical area of Cannonau

In the area of Dorgali, a harmony of rows of vines caressed by the sea breeze overlook the mountains of Supramonte. 
This is Chidera, a balance between the winemaking tradition and the most enchanting nature of Sardinia 

Chidera Cannonau

The company

The Philosophy

We grow grapes with the utmost respect for the environment, without using synthetic chemical treatments, in the granitic sands of the Valle di Oddoene.
Over 17 hectares of valley, we have planted the native grape variety which lives symbiotically with this land: Cannonau.

Chidera Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Chidera rosso

The Cannonau of once upon a time

From the fruits of our labour in the vineyard, we produce Chidera Rosso, a well-structured DOC Cannonau with just the right alcohol content.

The tannins, which are soft and enveloping, are balanced out by a light acidity which makes Chidera easy to drink and suitable for a wide range of food pairings.
We export it throughout Europe, to the United States and to the finest Asian markets

a sample

Are you a wine bar or a wine blogger who would like to receive a sample of Chidera?
Contact us for any information you would like.
We would be happy to assist you

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